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Sizzix - Sticky Grid Sheets

Sizzix - Sticky Grid Sheets

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These Sticky Grid Sheets are going to help you change the way you craft! You are going to love that they work with your die cutting machines, stamping platform, the Sizzix Stencil & Stamp Tool, and more. There are so many uses for these sheets, you will love experimenting with them!

Contents: One pack of 5 Sticky Grid Sheets from Sizzix

Size: Each sheet measures 8.25" x 11.75" (A4)

What are Sticky Grid Sheets/Features?

  • Sticky Grid Sheets are tacky double-sided grids that are designed to be placed on your die cutting machine's cutting pads or stamping tools (sold separately) grid side up.
  • The low tack adhesive allows you to securely and precisely hold thin metal dies (sold separately) in place for die cutting, etc.
  • These sheets can be used for stenciling and stamping as well.
  • These sheets can also be used with the Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Tool (sold separately). 
  • Never have crooked letters, askew sentiments, or off-center shapes with a Sticky Grid Sheet in place! 

How do you use Sticky Grid Sheets?

  • Make sure your cutting pad or Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Tool (sold separately) is cleaned of any adhesive or debris.
  • Take one Sticky Grid Sheet and pull off the backing.
  • Carefully align and place the Sticky Grid Sheet on the cutting pad or stencil and stamp tool; smooth it into place.
  • Remove the adhesive backing off the front of the Sticky Grid Sheet.
  • You're now ready to use your cutting pad or your stamp and stencil tool, which now has a helpful grid and sticky surface for holding everything in place!
  • If using your cutting pads, place your dies on the Sticky Grid Sheet exactly where you want them with the grid side up. Put your paper on top of the dies, and place your other cutting pad on top to build your sandwich before running it through your die cutting machine (sold separately). Remove your dies from the tacky sheet or run it through your machine again! The Sticky Grid Sheet will last for many passes through your machine.
  • If using the Stencil and Stamp Tool, leave the sticky grid sheet in place for your next project. 


  • These Sticky Grid Sheets also work with the Sizzix Stencil and Stamp Tool and stencils (all sold separately). 
  • These Sticky Grid Sheets work will all cutting pads for leading die cutting machines (sold separately). 

These Sticky Grid Sheets are going to help make your letter, number, and sentiment placement on your projects much easier from now on. You will not have to worry about larger images being crooked and having to redo them either. You will love the ease of working with these sheets and will wonder how you ever lived without them! Another great crafting tool from Sizzix!

Number of Pieces: 5. 

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