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Nuvo - Glitter Drops - Golden Sunset

Nuvo - Glitter Drops - Golden Sunset

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Nuvo Glitter Drops add some extra sparkle to your projects. These self-leveling dimensional dots dry in a rounded 3D shape, allowing you to create and finish your designs with delightfully rounded beads with the added glamour of glitter. For even more creative possibilities, our Glitter Drops can be used to draw swirls, lines and other decorative shapes. Their precision nozzle ensures a controlled application.

Key Features:

1 fl. oz bottle 

Create a beautiful glitter finish 

Each drop produces a perfect domed effect 

>Formula dries hard to ensure durability

Precision nozzle to ensure a controlled application 

Easy to squeeze bottle 

Use to write freehand or with stencils - Produces an incredible effect

Use the drops on non-stick sheets or glass to remove and keep for another crafty day

Available in a variety of colors 


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