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Marvy Glow In The Dark Paint Pen

Marvy Glow In The Dark Paint Pen

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Special DecoFabric markers filled with light green phosphorescent paint that glows in the dark!!
The 3mm rounded tip makes it easy to write or draw any custom lettering or designs that you can think of.
Tips are valve-action so you'll always have a fresh flow of paint! (They will need to be activated before first use. Simply press the tip down several times on a scratch paper surface until it fills with paint.)

Since these fabric markers use a paint instead of an ink, the colors will be nice and opaque even on dark/heavy fabrics. *For added permanence, especially on fabrics that will be washed, it is recommended that you also "heat set" the marks. Wait overnight to make sure they are completely dry, then gently iron them to help seal the paint onto the fabric.

Note: The ink is these markers is made to adhere best to fabrics. Using them on other surfaces such as plastics may not give you the best results.

Made in Japan.

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