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Kadomaru Pro-Neo - Corner Rounder - Black

Kadomaru Pro-Neo - Corner Rounder - Black

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Add rounded corners to photos, gift cards, and flyers with this clever three-way corner punch. The punch has three openings, letting you choose between small (3 mm), medium (5 mm), and large (8 mm) corner radiuses. It can punch 3-4 sheets of paper at once, as well as laminated sheets up to 0.4 mm thick. The Kadomaru Pro Neo requires half as much force as the original Kadomaru Pro, thanks to a special multi-stage lever.

This corner punch also features a lock to prevent the lever from moving when you aren't using it. To lock the punch, hold down the lever and turn the knob clockwise. When you're ready to use the punch again, simply twist the knob counterclockwise, and the lever will pop back up.

This punch also features a built-in storage compartment for holding the punched paper scraps. To empty the punch, turn it upside down and pull off the flexible plastic base plate.

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