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Scrapbook Adhesives - 3L - EZ Runner

Scrapbook Adhesives - 3L - EZ Runner

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You'll be stuck on this tape runner by 3L Scrapbook Adhesives. With the great tacky hold 3L products are known for, the Scrapbook Adhesives E-Z Runner is the fastest and easiest way to mount photos, borders or die-cuts. This permanent tape runner is E-Z to use. It's made of double-sided adhesive tabs. It is acid-free, archival-safe and permanent. The plastic dispenser fits perfectly in your hand and it's easy to pack for crops or classes. The application roller makes it easy to apply on curves or circles. It goes on smoothly every time! You'll receive 33 feet of 1/2" tape in the E-Z Runner.

This runner has a clever design inside the case, with a large and a small wheel that act like cogs to wind the waste tape around, keeping everything inside nice and tidy. The applicator is designed in such a way that it is very easy to hold and you can apply minimum pressure to get great results. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and you are able to tell which way to hold it by looking at the arrow on the front. There are two generous thumb-sized grips on either side of the applicator along with a grip on the top to place your index finger. This makes applying the adhesive comfortable and quick. The adhesive itself is incredibly easy to apply. You simply place the applicator on the item you want to adhere, and drag the runner towards you. There is a great short video on which shows you how to do this. You can see from the photo that the adhesive not only can be applied in straight lines, but also in curves and circles with ease. You can get a really accurate application on small or large areas.

Not only is this little runner mess-free but it is fast and smooth to apply. The little white tabs mean you can see exactly where you are applying the adhesive and this means you can use it on just about anything. You can use this adhesive on everything from paper to glass and ribbon. This adhesive is dispensed as white tabs so you cannot use them on anything that is clear as it will show through quite obviously.

This adhesive is both acid-free and archival-safe. In addition it is acrylic-based, lignin-free and PAT- (Photographic Activity Test) tested and approved. 

When you are finished with the runner, there is no hassle with refills. You just throw the whole runner away. The runners can be recycled and are reasonably priced, especially compared with other standard-refill-type runners. 

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