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1131 Karen Burniston - Bitty Ball Pop-up

1131 Karen Burniston - Bitty Ball Pop-up

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Our wafer-thin metal crafting dies are compatible with most major die cutting machines. Packed with value, these innovative, cutting edge die sets will take your paper crafting to new heights. Check out our videos for inspiration and instructions. 

Karen's favorite rubber band size: Alliance Pale Crepe Gold Soft Stretch in either a #12 or #14 size. #16 rubber bands work as well, with knots tied in them. 

Cut your decorator pieces faster by adding a second set of the most-used decorator pieces: Bitty Ball Double-Ups

NOTE: Bitty Ball Pop-up is about 20% smaller than the Surprise Ball Pop-up. They stack nicely for animals, snowmen, characters, etc. The Bitty Ball will collapse down into a 4.25" square.  

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